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Significant Modifications in Football Laws

Image Showing A Player Kicks Football In Full Fource

Notable Changes to Consider in Football

Football was first discovered in England during the initial years of the 19th century. The rules of the game used to differ depending on the school where the event was held. In the 1800s, the representatives from different schools decided to present a set of rules that should be followed by every soccer player irrespective of the place where it is played. 

Collective laws
You will be surprised to know that it took several months to decide that soccer should be played with the feet and not the hands. This rule divided soccer from the rugby game. However, until the end of 1863, most players used to practice soccer with their hands in many schools. The improvements in the laws of the game made football a less brutal and violent game. Before the development of the rules, kicking or hacking down an opponent was a part of the soccer game. The game was seen as a field for showing masculinity rather than skills and techniques of scoring goals.
Image of two players during the match

Minor And Major Modifications

The game is all set to make some significant changes in its rules. Some of them are dramatic, while others are minor alterations. One of the substantial changes in the game is that no player will be allowed to rebound to the standard match from the penalties. The game will stop and restart once a player saves a penalty or scores a goal. The players will not get a chance to score from rebounds. They can't even line up on the edge of the ground. 

If the goal scored touches the hand of any player intentionally or unintentionally, it would not be counted or considered. Also, any player can touch the ball with their hands after the goalkeeper kicks it out which was not allowed before.


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