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Controversial Rebrands That Fans Hated

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Rebranding Effects

It is common for all of us to focus on success stories of logo rebranding and ignore their failures. In recent years, soccer clubs throughout the world faced some severe problems with rebranding. Their fans started demanding when certain logos did not suit the club’s image.  Why those logos are bad? Well, a Reputed Digital Marketing Company gives you a clear picture of the issue. 

Promotional logo rebrands which failed to work

It is the worst case when the entire market research did not work or prepare you to get a better logo. Football fans follow a specific logo for a long time. It is actually risky and challenging to perform any rebranding. Some of the logos which did not work as expected are as follows:
  • Rebranding of Leeds United Logo
The rebranded was planned for merchandise/uniform and promotional t-shirts. The rebranding
Rebranding written on a paper where the word BRAND is being stamped.
was organized the organized and the meeting received a chilly response especially from Leeds fans who were following the team for a long time. The main logo is present on the right side. It required some modernizing. But the club followers did not feel the new logo satisfactory that is seen on the left side. It displays the Leeds Salute connected with the club.
The colors have been slightly changed along with new design. The fans expressed that it is inviting confusion through the internet. Their views are actually right since there are several edited Leeds United Logo on the internet and it proves their opinion. More than 50,000 members signed a petition and reached the club regarding the new logo. The rebranding team has decided to start from the drawing board. 
  • Lazy Logo Change by the Aston Villa
Recently, another team has rebranded by changing its logo. But the changes seem to be very lazy. There have not been many changes seen in the design. Aston Villa has spent around £80,000 for this new logo design. It was not as expected. The football followers did not expect to witness the same logo once again. The only change in the logo is, it is seen with the PREPARED text in the bottom. Though the original image of the lion and typography of AVFC is changed, it is said to be too less for the price they have spent. Fans were not convinced and demanded the club to concentrate on things like winning games instead of spending money on this newish logo. For more information about rebranding, click here.
  • Unprofessional Everton Promotional Logo
Recently, the fans were disappointed when Everton changed the logo. It was described as unprofessional, amateurish and embarrassing by the fans. They demanded to remove the new logo. The new logo was designed by the in house graphic designing team of Everton Club. They have removed the logo and have displayed their original logo. In certain situations, fans could just better. 
  • Juventus
Juventus is a football club based in Turin. It has changed its basic logo which had the crown and charging bull into minimal design. The new design features two J-stripes which hangs under the team name. Fans quickly reacted on social media stating that it looks anonymous and corporate. Some fans compared the logo to the facial hair of the former player- Alessandro Del Piero or the logo of JD Sports. 
  • The Premier League
Another controversial logo redesign was from the team- the Premier League. The UK league
The word Logo in different font styles and colours being tried out for Logo Rebranding.
revealed a new visual identity and logo by Design Studio- a top creative agency. The new design featured the head of lion and name of the league written in a modified format. The new design received different kinds of opinions from ardent fans and followers.  Some people even compared the new design to the Lion King logo of Disney Pictures. 

Tips to perform logo rebranding

All these examples clearly state the views of the public because of logo rebranding. Rebranding is near to revolution than a development. It should showcase the fundamental change in how you place your business. In recent years, the majority of rebranding efforts are made in response to consumer behavior or changes in the marketplace. It is also done when your competitor has disrupted industry terms and when your brand appears pedantic or stodgy. 


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