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Common Etiquettes For Sports Fan

Crowd of Spectators On A Stadium With The Football Match

People love to watch the performance of various sports. Sports lovers are called as fans, and they take all efforts to watch their favorite sports performance live or on television. Most of the matches and tournaments take place in-ground or stadium in the presence of spectators and sports fans. The sports fan must follow certain etiquette so that the sports performance takes place smoothly


The sports fans or spectators of the game must follow specific rules of etiquette inside the ground. This is because there are fans who misbehave and cross their boundaries and cause chaos in the field. They forget the qualities of sportsmanship and cross the border of competitive enjoyment. This would affect the game. 

Etiquette Rules For Sports Fan

Image Showing Ball Splashed in the face of a person during tournament
The following are some of the etiquette rules to be followed by sports fans. 
  • Always be aware of the happenings around you
  • Be seated before the game starts
  • Avoid waving hands, hat and other stuff which would obstruct the view for others
  • Offer only positive comments
  • Do not stand for cheering your team
  • If you're a spectator of a quiet game, then you must remain silent. 
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the venue. 
  • Limit the foodstuff in your space.
  • Do not wear your hat when you stand for the National Anthem
  • Whether your team wins or lose, make sure that you behave correctly. 
  • Have fun and make sure that fun making does not hurt others. 

When you watch a sport on television in your home along with your family, you have to follow specific etiquette rules
  • Do not yell when you watch your sport on a television
  • Limit alcohol when you watch the game with a group.
Sports fans must follow the above etiquettes.


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