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Controversial Rebrands That Fans Hated

Rebranding EffectsIt is common for all of us to focus on success stories of logo rebranding and ignore their failures. In recent years, soccer clubs throughout the world faced some severe problems with rebranding. Their fans started demanding when certain logos did not suit the club’s image.  Why those logos are bad? Well, a Reputed Digital Marketing Company gives you a clear picture of the issue.  Promotional logo rebrands which failed to workIt is the worst case when the entire market research did not work or prepare you to get a better logo. Football fans follow a specific logo for a long time. It is actually risky and challenging to perform any rebranding. Some of the logos which did not work as expected are as follows: Rebranding of Leeds United LogoThe rebranded was planned for merchandise/uniform and promotional t-shirts. The rebranding was organized the organized and the meeting received a chilly response especially from Leeds fans who were following the team for a long time. Th…

Benefits of sports massage therapies for football players

Role Of Licensed Massage TherapistsThe football season has started and football players of all skill levels and age groups from amateurs to professionals have chances to get injured. The sports massage therapies help the players to continue playing and prevent future issues. It is a useful technique which reduces the effect of game stress on your body.  Sports massage therapies are useful to football players for several reasons. It is well known that football is a complicated and strenuous sport which requires pushing, jumping, running and various strenuous activities. It is the reason most players frequently experience muscle sprains and strains while or after playing the game.  It is recommended to take sports massage therapies from licensed massage therapists so as to get quick relief and recover completely. Massage therapy is an excellent technique ideal for injury rehabilitation. It is extremely effective, safe and natural. Sports massage therapy enhances the healing process, assis…