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Indians Trying to Patent Sports Move! Must Read

The Story Of Patent Filing For Sports Moves
The law connected to patenting sports move has been under discussion for some time now. There are some arguments that stand for it and a few against it. In this article, we take a look at both and find out if filing a patent in India for a sports move is possible or not. But before diving into the debate, let’s understand what the standard of the invention to gain a patent is. It should be new.It should be useful.It should be non-obvious.If the invention fulfils these criteria and gets a patent, then the patentee is the only one with the right to use it. The right is limited to a specific period. The patentee can grant permission for use and charge a fee for it. At present, a patent can be filed for any invention that is: A product or process in all fields of technology (provided that they are new)A non-obvious inventive stepCapable of industrial applicationPresently, a patent has been granted for a sports move only in America. In India and UK, …