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Valuable Tips On Football Fans Etiquette

You would all be aware that football players must follow specific etiquette rules during the game in the field. Even the spectators of the football game and also the football fans must follow specific etiquette rules. This would avoid fans misbehaving during the game. Football players and fans must practice sportsmanship. This would make the game a competitive enjoyment. The following are some of the tips for football fans to follow proper etiquette during the game. 
Need Of Football Etiquette For FansFootball etiquette for fans is equally important as that of etiquette for football players. The unruly behavior of fans can affect the game, and it can create chaos and confusion in the field. Football fans with no control can be a nuisance to other spectators and football fans who have come to watch the game. 
Tips For Following Football Fans EtiquetteThe following are some of the standard etiquettes to be followed by football fans. 
Remove Your Hat For National Anthem: When you stand fo…

Indians Trying to Patent Sports Move! Must Read

The Story Of Patent Filing For Sports Moves
The law connected to patenting sports move has been under discussion for some time now. There are some arguments that stand for it and a few against it. In this article, we take a look at both and find out if filing a patent in India for a sports move is possible or not. But before diving into the debate, let’s understand what the standard of the invention to gain a patent is. It should be new.It should be useful.It should be non-obvious.If the invention fulfils these criteria and gets a patent, then the patentee is the only one with the right to use it. The right is limited to a specific period. The patentee can grant permission for use and charge a fee for it. At present, a patent can be filed for any invention that is: A product or process in all fields of technology (provided that they are new)A non-obvious inventive stepCapable of industrial applicationPresently, a patent has been granted for a sports move only in America. In India and UK, …

Football Rules You Need to Know

Are You Aware of the Rules of Football?Soccer, which is also known as football is one of the most famous sports in the world. The game is played between two teams, each with eleven players. The football field has two goalposts at each end. Every player involved in the game aims to take the soccer ball into the opposite team's goal. 
The prime rule of this game is that no player is allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Only the goalie can do so to defend the opposite team from scoring a goal. Every other player of both the sides can knee, kick, or head the ball to take it forward or through the target.
The sport The World Cup is the most famous soccer tournament played at international levels. However, you can start as a football player in small leagues and gradually get promoted to international and professional teams with better performance in every game that you play. The World Cup, which is played among different countries, is held after every four years. The studies state …