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Bringing The Community Closer: Charity Football Match To Help Flood Victims

It has been proved time and again that humanity can rise above any calamity to help out their fellow beings. The charity football match between Chennaiyin FC and The OCOEE Bulldogs team that was held at the main stadium last month, provides ample proof of this. This match was held in response to the rising need for humanitarian aid for the victims of the devastating floods that occurred in the southern part of the country, causing immense loss of lives, as well as destruction to property.
The donations that piled into the Relief Fund as a result of the football match is proof enough that humanity still exists. This friendly match saw the players on both the sides join in wholeheartedly to contribute towards the relief fund.

Exclusive Details Of The Memorable Match
Legendary football players who made it to the match and supported this honorable cause, were a prominent part of the elite guest list. All the members of the Football Players Association of India (FPAI) and the Tamil Nadu Football Association (TFA) turned up for the event, making it a grand success. Together, they contributed a combined amount of Rs.5 lakh towards the Relief Fund. The generous support of the public helped cross previous records of money donated for a relief cause.
The charity match took place between the two teams at a prominent stadium in Chennai, at the end of last month. The match saw several football legends and celebrities come together for the star studded event, thereby lending support to the two teams, Chennaiyin FC and OCOEE Bulldogs, as they played against each other.

Tickets were sold out hours earlier! The stadium was jam-packed, with aficionados of the game, vying with each other to get the best view of their favorite player. The enthusiasm of the spectators knew no bounds, especially when the favorites Chennaiyin FC beat the OCOEE Bulldogs for a score of 3-2.
Football Lovers Become Saviours!
Climate change poses to be a serious threat to the country, a fact that is proven as more and more natural calamities occur all over the world. People are left defenseless most of the time, and this leads to loss of life and property. In order to give the victims of such calamities a chance to get back on their own feet, it is necessary to lend them a helping hand. Football lovers of the country get a chance to contribute to relief funds by being a part of charity events like the one held last month and enjoy seeing their favorite players in real life.
The money raised by the charity match has been donated to the Relief Fund and will be used to help the victims of the floods to get their lives back in order. The FPAI has plans of setting up volunteer organizations to start cleaning drives across the city, in a concerted effort to help the flood victims of the affected area. Once the plans have been finalized, current football players and football legends will be roped in to make the cleaning drive a success, just like the charity match.

A Grand Success Thanks To Event Organizers

Interestingly, once the organizing committee for the charity match was put into place, plenty of offers from several firms and businesses popped up, enquiring about how to contribute and help.  As a result, there was no dearth of sponsors for the event, which helped turn the planned charity event into a reality in no time at all. The nitty-gritty aspects of the event was taken care of by several seasoned professionals, including the ones from corporate event organizer Kiyoh, Chennai and they helped ensure that the whole event proceeded smoothly without any hiccups. Once the organizing committee handed over the details to the corporate event management team, every detail was handled by them. Every single tiny factor was looked after, helping make the event a roaring success.

This has encouraged the Football Players Association of India to consider having regular celebrity charity matches, featuring popular Football Legends. It will give a chance to retired football players to return to the field and indulge in the game they love so much, with the added bonus of helping raise money for various charitable causes!

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