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Details You Must Know About Rugby

Rugby is a fantastic game, though some might find it to be violent. It is played in many parts of the world and is considered to be a top choice for sports lovers. There are two different types of Rugby. One is known as Rugby union, and the other is called the Rugby League. It involves an 80 minutes match with two teams playing at once. The ball is oval shaped, and they try to score points against each other. Every unit comprises of 15 players total. These 15 players are then divided into stronger players for possession, forwards and more prominent players to stop the goal. The faster players are made the backs who run and pass the ball to score a point.
How to score?
Rugby just like other games has a particular way to generate scores. Every time a team scores a try they get five points straight away. Try means the ball has to be on the ground in the opponent’s goal area. When a team gets a successful conversion, they get two points. The unit can keep on adding points like this. Scores can be added for kicking out the ball from the goal point. Three points are awarded when a team wins a penalty shot. The ball has to be kicked from the goal post for earning a penalty shot. There three points also for a dropkick. Here the player drops the ball on the goal post and then kicks it through the post.
Beginning with a scrum
Scrum is like a huddle that players of one team do together before the start of the game. It is done after a minor stop, and the game has to be some restart. The forwards of both the team's interlock and a ball are put into the scrum. Both the sides try to drive each other back, and the ball is sought to be kicked off by any one team's play against each other.
Inspirations for budding players
There are many great players whose shots are still remembered by people as the most amazing in the history of a game of rugby. For instance, Jonny Wilkinson’s drop kick in the 2003 England world cup was one of its kind. England won in this game against Australia. Known as ruby’s Muhammad Ali, player Jonah Lomu is considered to be a great player at all times. He dominated the rugby field in the 90s when he played for New Zealand.
Related to rugby
You must be feeling like you have seen rugby before this is because it is somewhat similar to the American football. However, some notable differences cannot be ignored. The way of scoring is different, and the way the ball is passed is very different. The pitch is also rectangular and not oval.
Multiple Health and injury concerns
Games like football and rugby are going through a rough patch where the government is concerned about the safety of the retired players. Funding has to be done for retired players as many suffer from health issues that arise due to multiple this on the head while playing with football and rugby ball. These routine hits cannot be avoided as they are part of the game. However, football players are at a higher risk of dementia and Alzheimer's However, safety in Rugby is more than it is in football.
In rugby players wear stronger uniform ad though it is a contact game too by players tackle the ball differently. The ball carrier has to be tacked below the shoulders and not above that. Breaking the rules will lead to a penalty point to the team who went against the rules.

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