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Details You Must Know About Rugby

Rugby is a fantastic game, though some might find it to be violent. It is played in many parts of the world and is considered to be a top choice for sports lovers. There are two different types of Rugby. One is known as Rugby union, and the other is called the Rugby League. It involves an 80 minutes match with two teams playing at once. The ball is oval shaped, and they try to score points against each other. Every unit comprises of 15 players total. These 15 players are then divided into stronger players for possession, forwards and more prominent players to stop the goal. The faster players are made the backs who run and pass the ball to score a point. How to score? Rugby just like other games has a particular way to generate scores. Every time a team scores a try they get five points straight away. Try means the ball has to be on the ground in the opponent’s goal area. When a team gets a successful conversion, they get two points. The unit can keep on adding points like this. Scores …