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Why Americans Differ Between Soccer or Football

Sometimes you might have wondered why Americans call the game Soccer and not Football. There was association football before the American football kicked in. Here the latter game is known as football. The difference is sure to get your attention. The chief reason or the different name is to differentiate their game. Why call it Soccer? The term Soccer originally came in to practice to differentiate the former association football. This was the code used by the Football Association back then in the 19th century. The differentiation was meant to be made from Rugby football. This was a game that had risen to popularity in those days. Both these games started becoming fashionable at the same time.  The word football was common to both and could lead to confusion. Therefore the association decided to differ the names. Consequently, the name of the game rugby football was changed to rugger. At the same time, the name of association football was switched to soccer. However, the term footballs …