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Why People Value Football So Much?

Football is not just a game, and it is a great morale booster. It helps young men develop values that no other person can teach them. Due to this reason, it is more than valuable to the society and its people. Football is under pressure due to medical concerns and few other ideas. Every day you will see this game making headlines for one or the other reason. Like every other game, this game is also taking its part of criticism. It was said by Barrack Obama once that if he had any boy child, he would have never allowed them to play Football. Why are people drawn towards the game of Football? When asked from several people why do they play football there were these answers you will be surprised to know. Even parents were questioned why do they let their children play football at all if it has so many medical concerns. The answers from people highlighted that it is a game they need a lot of dedication. It teaches players obedience and builds moral character in them. It is extremely tough a…