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Youth Baseball Travel Teams - The Challenges and Benefits

When your son is asked to join a youth baseball travel team, as a parent you will certainly feel proud. Then, the reality hits - the cost involved, the weekends away from home, the extra practices required. If your son is good enough to make it into such a team, how important is it that he actually participate for his future baseball prospects?
Your son will benefit in many ways by competing in a baseball travel team. The fact that he has taken part in this type of team will only affect his future baseball career positively in that he will improve his skills. It won't guarantee his high school/college prospects.
When deciding whether or not to allow your son to play with a travel baseball team, consider the following positives:
1.Playing with and against a higher caliber player will help your son increase his skills. If your son has always played  Little League, you will be amazed at how much better he will play in a baseball travel team. 2.Teamwork becomes much more important in…