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Orlando Summer League Recap

The smaller, more intimate Orlando Summer League is in the books, with the OKC Thunder crowned the inaugural champions of the event. There was a lot of big man talent on display, with newbies and returning players alike doing their best to thrive in this notoriously guard friendly setting. So how did they do? Read on to find out 8Steven Adams Adams had a surprisingly solid first Summer League, on both ends. After a nervy first game in which he looked to fit in rather than stand out, Adams strung together three consecutive strong games, flashing some offensive potential to go with his stout defense and solid screens. In two of these games Adams’ pick setting was key to his teammates exploding offensively. Against Detroit, Reggie Jackson went for 35 points overall and 23 in the 4th quarter and it was screens from Adams that freed him up to reap a lot of that carnage. The next game it was Jeremy Lamb coming off Adams’ brick wall picks and pulling up or carving into the paint. This is on…
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Most every Friday night in the fall you can find me on top of a pressbox helping coach the Lincoln County Patriots.  I’m almost always standing next to another coach, and we are talking with our coaching staff,  who are on the sideline.  Being up high, away from everything sounds like a disadvantage, but it helps us in so many ways.  We see every player on every play.  We see what is working, and what isn’t.  We see who is winning their individual battles, and who is not.  We also are able to see what our opponent is doing.  We can clearly see their formation, personnel, etc.  It is just nice being away from everything, yet very much connected. A few weeks ago my family and I went on a vacation to Charleston, SC.  I am not a big vacation guy.  I feel guilty if I am gone from work.   
This guilt doesn’t come from my church, my team, or anywhere else-except from with-in me.  Anyhow, my wife told me we needed this, and once again she was correct. A week of disconnecting from everything …

Advantages of Placing Football Bet on Betting Exchange

A football betting exchange is a site, which acts as a link between different punters. These punters match and place bets on all football games. Generally, if a person makes a bet that wins the exchange charges, it is essential to pay a small commission for the facility. However, if an individual makes a losing bet, then there is no charge of any extra fees. Another feature of football betting exchanges is that they provide in-running betting, particularly if the football games have wide television coverage. In addition, these betting exchanges provide all manners of Asian handicap bets and fixed odds. Nevertheless, they have still not found a way to permit combo betting or accumulators. A football betting exchange is very simple. All you need to do is choose the preferred football team and the exchange will display a list of prices, which are currently available. On the right side are the prices with which you can lay while on the left side are prices where you can back a team. 

Importance of Stamina for Better Performance

Prominent Ways to Maximize Stamina for SoccerMaximizing the stamina of the body is a significant part of leading a healthy lifestyle. It not only helps players involved in different types of sports but also people from all walks of life.  Increasing the stamina helps in balancing the blood pressure, heart rate, and burning extra calories from the body. Apart from the multiple health benefits, having good strength is a vital requirement to become a professional player. Irrespective of the sport in which you are involved, you will require good stamina to keep up in your game.
Ignore the fallacies  There are plenty of misconceptions regarding the best method of improving stamina. If you choose to listen to people's advice, you will get varied suggestions. Among which some may be effective, and some may be useless. To achieve the most from your fitness training, you need to consider the sport you want to play because different games have different requirements.
Preferences May Differ, …

Etiquettes That You Must Follow In Football Field

Playing football is an enjoyable experience whether you play for fun or in a match with an opponent team. It is a game and makes sure not to develop a grudge against your opponent team. Developing grudge would create an unfavorable situation in the field and develop fights during the game.
It is always essential that football players behave like professionals in the field. Though it is a competition between two teams, there is no necessity to develop hostility between the players of the team.  To exhibit your sportsmanship, you have to follow specific rules of football etiquette.  Football Etiquette TipsThe following etiquette tips would ensure that the football game does not turn out to be war. 
Shake Your Hands: This is the essential football etiquette that you must follow before and after a football game. Shake your hands with the players of the opponent team. This would reduce the tension and instill a feeling of friendship on everyone. This simple act would prevent major issues tha…

An Effective Fitness Guide for Football Players

Various Workout Tips You Must FollowIf you want to be a professional player, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Even if you're going to become an average player, increasing the speed and stamina of your body is crucial. In a 90 minutes football match, a player requires to cover at least ten kilometers of the entire ground. Maximizing the stamina does not only mean improving the lung's capacity. The game demands more than this. If you are here to learn the various fitness tips to become a successful soccer player, then you are in the right place. Enhance Your Stamina To Conquer The Game  The following are some useful fitness training tips that will help you maximize your strength and energy as a professional player. Running is the most vital part of the game. To save it from the opponent, you should be able to kick the ball as fast as possible to achieve the desired numbers of goals. The football game is all about moving from one place to another with …

Necessary Etiquette For Football Match Spectators

You would have witnessed football games where the spectators turn out to be vigorous and unmanageable. They keep on yelling on the players or the referees when the game is not favorable to their supporting team. The above acts by the spectators can create some unfavorable condition in the field. Thus football spectators must follow some proper etiquette so that they behave in the right manner during a match. ImportanceA lot of emphases is offered to the etiquette followed by spectators during a football match. This is because the negative emotions of the spectators revealed can make the players feel insecure and affect the game. It turns out the enjoyment feel of the game and keeps people in tension. Good sportsmanship is not only necessary in the field even the spectators must possess it. Following the etiquette by the spectators creates an enjoyable environment during the game. 
Etiquette To Be Followed By Football SpectatorsThe following are some of the essential etiquette that eve…