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The website,, was developed to bring together football, soccer and rugby lovers from all over the world onto a single platform. Although different variations of the game are played in different corners of the world, it is the love of the sport that binds them all together.  Football as such is a game that requires teamwork, coordination and plenty of dedication. This physically grueling game can be played only by athletes in top physical condition and hence require the players to take care of their health very well. The same goes for soccer and rugby. In fact, many players even get injured while playing these sports, causing them to leave the game and never look back.

If you are a soccer or rugby enthusiasts, get ready to meet plenty of people with similar interests. We have a full-fledged forum on the website that often holds interesting discussion pertaining to these sports. The moderators keep the forums moving to ensure that only healthy discussions take place. If you have a favorite football or rugby team, you are sure to find other fans here as well. The website also hosts plenty of videos that display the different tricks of playing the sport. The experts on our website have made these videos to help novices get an idea of the fascinating world of rugby and soccer.  We also have a weekly newsletter that contains all the latest happenings in the world of soccer and rugby. If you would like to receive this in your email inbox, do not forget to sign up!


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Football Charity Match: Lending A Helping Hand!

Football is not just any sport. This is one sport where every player contributes to the game, where each player counts. This is probably what prompted us to think a bit more.
The Ocoee Bulldogs Football Club has done quite a bit for the underprivileged section of society.  We have helped over 15000 disabled people every year. One of the ways we accomplish this, is by conducting sporting events, where the proceeds are used to fund charitable activities. At this point it becomes crucial to thank the other football clubs, with whom we have joined hands, as well as the business enterprises who have lended us support in this endeavour.
The major portion of the money to conduct these charity football matches are raised through sponsorship.  The true potential of the event was achieved due to a strong focus on sponsors. For raising a decent fund, fifty percent of the funds were easily generated from big sponsors rather that focusing on individual ticket sales.
To get the sponsorship for char…

Bringing The Community Closer: Charity Football Match To Help Flood Victims

It has been proved time and again that humanity can rise above any calamity to help out their fellow beings. The charity football match between Chennaiyin FC and The OCOEE Bulldogs team that was held at the main stadium last month, provides ample proof of this. This match was held in response to the rising need for humanitarian aid for the victims of the devastating floods that occurred in the southern part of the country, causing immense loss of lives, as well as destruction to property. The donations that piled into the Relief Fund as a result of the football match is proof enough that humanity still exists. This friendly match saw the players on both the sides join in wholeheartedly to contribute towards the relief fund.
Exclusive Details Of The Memorable Match Legendary football players who made it to the match and supported this honorable cause, were a prominent part of the elite guest list. All the members of the Football Players Association of India (FPAI) and the Tamil Nadu Foot…