Recruitment & Athletic Evaluation - Ocoee Bulldogs Football Team

Football is a sport that has undoubtedly captured the interest of many people across the world. It is a sport that constantly requires fresh talents, in the form of highly gifted youngsters. It was with in mind, that we started a process to find these talented youngsters. So, apart from playing football matches, we have started scouting services, which gives football teams access to individual verified athletic performance statistic, which in turn includes every detail of field and track in a very easy format. These scores help in supporting and enhancing evaluation and recruitment efforts by selecting the best option for your program. The main intention is to be able to procure some of the brightest, and superbly skilled footballers this world has ever seen!

How does the system work?
Our analyst collected years of data to find the relation between field and track performance, football performance and pure athleticism. Thousands of successful existing football players were involved for this analysis to develop simple scoring from 0.0 to 5.0 which helped recruiter and athletic evaluator to find the best prospect in all level.

Athletic Indexing of Player
Here the score is calculated using information like player position, height, multi sports activity, body weight, high school field and track performance. The score reading is very easy and customised according to every position of the player.

Strength scoring of player
The scoring system by us gives recruiters and coaches very easy to read details of player in a customised format. The combination of high school performance along with body weight and height helps in determining the strength score of the player.

Benefits of using the scouting system for athletic evaluation:
An average reader might think of this system as a regular recruitment drive. However, this system goes far beyond that. By using the scouting system, we aim to get the following done.
  • Help in viewing latest athletic analysis and data
  • More than 30k players details can be stores
  • Comparing current prospects details with other successful proven players
  • Supports your professional views and observations

How is the scouting system different from other evaluator and recruiting services?
  • Provides subscription to thousands of prospect profiles
  • Provide the feature of combining the score with other key data
  • You can get pdf files by downloading and sharing
  • Comparison features are provided between current prospect and successful player.
  • All the data regarding track and field are verified.

The Results?
Initially, many people in the sport sector were sceptical about the efficacy of the system. A lot of trials and errors were made, and in fairness, it was quite necessary. Afterall, how else could we spot the best amongst the lot?
However, once the system was fine-tuned, we were surprised by the results! Never before, have we ever been able to view these many number of  youngsters with massive hidden hidden potential! A few were actually at the point of even giving up their dreams, and had even taken employment elsewhere. One of our recent “finds” was a kid, who had taken up employment as a cleaning professional at a site called Today, he is one of our most potential assets!

There will come a day when our efforts will be appreciated. That day will come when the talents we find earn their fame at sites like!