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 February 23rd, 2017


Home of the Bulldogs - 2001 until March 2016

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18 March 2016 - From the former webmaster

Since 2001, I was the webmaster and host of the Bulldogs web site.

For 10 years I donated my services, not charging anything for the site until 2011.

Each year, I invoiced the board and they paid... sometimes late, but I was a team player.

Much of the information on the site I gleaned from the Mid-Florida site, since I got very little input from the executive board.

Back in October 2015, I sent an invoice for the 2015-2016 season due on November 1st.

I was initially told it would be paid right away.

Then I was told they would pay it in January after the new board was elected.

Despite repeated emails to the President, Secretary and Treasurer, I received no replies.

I continued to update the site, adding videos about the Ultimate squad winning the national championship. The last update I received from the eBoard was in December, just before the National Championship game.

I started updating the site for 2016, knowing registration would soon be coming up.

No one sent me the 2016 board or coaches list. No one responded at all.

Today I discovered that Sandra (the treasurer) registered a new domain name on January 21st and now there’s an amateur type web site there. www.ocoeebulldogs.net

Well.. isn’t that special. Heckuva way to treat someone who has done the Bulldogs site for all these years.

Very sad.

30 Mar 2016 - registration page here is online for 2016

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